A member of Kaotic Mythicals makes these wonderful items.

This page is for telling you about what he makes & his offerings. 

ChainMaille/ScaleMaille : decoration, adornment, or ?!?

I make Keychains and Bracelets (and other adornments, possibly) using the ancient ChainMaille and ScaleMaille techniques from yesteryear, but with modern materials (such as Anodized Aluminum and EPDM Rubber). I use aluminum jump rings to connect the scales, instead of yarn or string, like some of the scale “mail” that’s for sale out there. This means it’s MUCH sturdier, but takes a lot more time to produce.

I’ve been focusing on the various “flags”, since most are standard colors and easy to replicate with the scales I can buy. Rainbow, Leather, Bear, Boy, Puppy. I can custom make any style in whatever colors you see and possibly a few others. Just ask! There are many colors and types of scale that I’ve been working with (and more that I can order and use, if needed).

The basic colors (red, green, blue, purple) have 2 different types that I like. One is fairly shiny and one is much more shiny, but much thinner. They are the same price, but let me know which you prefer if ordering custom pieces. (orange doesn’t come in shiny and yellow doesn’t have a less-shiny variant, at least not where I order my supplies from) There are many more colors, styles, sizes, and materials, just let me know if you’d like something different (but more expensive). I can also order scales with things printed on them (feathers, superhero logos, Harry Potter symbols) or materials (Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, Titanium)

My Keychains (which look great hanging from a belt loop or purse, also!) have a clasp at the top and are double sided so that the proper colors show, no matter which way it is hanging. Some are wider and come to a point at the top for proper hanging. The bottom can be sealed off if you want to store something (skinny) inside! Even wider ones could make a small container!

I have 2 styles of bracelets. I can custom make them with various colors and in varying lengths and widths, so just message me with your choices.

One is chainmaille “4 in 1” pattern and is folded up to make a squarish tube around your wrist. It’s very flexible even if it’s all aluminum. Most of mine are made with slightly stretchy rubber rings that mean they can fit over your hand and not be too loose or tight on your wrist. If you desire a custom order of an all aluminum one, I can add a small clasp to put it on and off.

The second style of bracelet is chainmaille “6 in 1” pattern and lies flat against your wrist. It is much more dense and less see-through and (with the current size rings I’m working with) can only be done with half aluminum and half rubber. (all aluminum is nowhere near flexible enough, I found) The rubber makes this style fairly flexible and stretchy enough to put over your hand and not be too tight or loose on your wrist. It is slightly stretchy and very flexible (fun to fidget with!)

I’ve also made a few “flag” style keychains. These are also done in chainmaille “6 in 1” pattern and could be extended out to make bracelets, if desired. They have a cord run through the outermost row of rings and can be attached to keys, belt, purse, or other things. Also stretchy, flexible, and fun to fidget with. (they remind me of play-doh, I don’t know why!)

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