Storey Tyme

Reading is fundamental and a very important part of child development. We feel that reading to children helps to open up their imaginations, allows them to paint the pictures in their minds and encourages creativity.

At the larger events, we have a reading area where we read children’s stories based on mythical & magical creatures.

We have started writing our own series of children’s stories based upon our characters. We plan on getting them illustrated and eventually published.

The first one in the series is about Quickdraw, the patriarch of the troupe. The tale is about his journey from the forests to being among the humans traveling to villages & shires across the land.

Along his journeys, he meets other mythical & magical creatures that decide to join him on his mission & quest to help humans save the trees.

Additional stories in the series will introduce our other characters & how they came upon joining Quickdraw & becoming a part of the troupe.