Our Recent Flutterings

Kaotic Mythicals needs your help! 

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we have lost several events in 2020.  We still need your support to continue our mission and keep this website up & running. 

Please click over to Support Us page to donate via PayPal. 

We recently acquired some amazing new collections that we are incorporating into our encampment! 

We created a new “BONE ZONE” display with a variety of animal skull & skeletons. The specimens will vary a bit from one event to another depending on the event and room for packing. 

We created a new “TRACK MATCH” activity with 31 different real animal track casts. How good of a nature detective are you? 

We are in the process of creating a virtual encampment series of educational videos that will be launching hopefully soon. 

Based on multiple requests from several different faires asking if we can bring our activities into the classroom, we are currently developing a program for elementary school classes that meet current educational standards. Our educators are building the program based on many years of educating experience & will be creating the lesson plans which highlight the standards we cover to make it easier for teachers to have us visit the classroom knowing what we will be offering.  Look for the classroom program to launch in the next few months. 

We are looking at a few other possibilities to expand our educational programming to other venues as well. 

Kaotic Mythicals is looking for potential individuals to join us at our upcoming events and to help us launch new opportunities!

Check out ‘Our Journeys‘ page to see where we will be!