Our Colors

What is in a name?

KAOTIC is based on the old world spelling.  We do not focus on any one particular region, country or setting for the basis of our characters. We bring to life mythological characters from across the globe and across time.  Being kaotic in where are characters come from, the “K” of our logo is free flowing, creative and filled with twists and turns. The color purple is nature found within colors of the flowers among us. Though purple was reserved for the high ranking royalty during the Renaissance period, we find the color purple to be refreshing and symbolic of fun, laughter and joy.

MYTHICALS is purely descriptive of who we are. We represent a vast variety of mythological characters from various different cultures.  The strong “M” represents that we are strongly connected to history. No matter time or place, mythical creatures existed. The green color represents grounded to the earth, the color of the grasses, the color of the leaves in the trees, the color of living plants among us.