Help Us Continue Our Mission – Craft Shows

Kaotic Mythicals is actively looking for volunteers that like to have fun, good interacting with public & good at sales to join us at upcoming craft fairs! 

We provide hands-on science education to visitors of all ages at festivals with museum quality specimens. 

Our mission is to connect visitors back to the natural world around us.  We cannot protect what we do not respect. 

In the 10×10 sales booth, we sell hand-made goat’s milk soaps in about 160 different designs made by the guild leader. Plus we have incense, incense burners, soap dishes, bath bombs, loofah slices, tapestries & more.

By being an active participating member of Kaotic Mythicals you will get in FREE to the event in exchange for your time & energy helping to support our mission of providing hands-on nature science education.  We bring a mobile museum of interactive fun educational activities to festivals filled with museum quality specimens.  Our mission is to help connect visitors back to the natural world around us.  We cannot protect what we do not respect.  

This is purely a volunteer position though you will be shown appreciation with hand-made goat’s milk soaps made by Bradley.

We are looking for those able & available to join us at upcoming craft shows to help setup the booth, hook patrons into the booth, explain who we are, assist with sales & help packing it all up when the event is over.  

You will be able to enhance your resume by adding volunteer educator.  We will give you a nicely written job description to add to your resume for helping out to boost your resume. Employers do like to see volunteer work on activities & interests.  

We will provide bottle water, soda & snacks.  As a thank you, we will pay you with products. 

For the craft shows, we are going simple with jeans & our KM t-shirt.  If you have a simple nice blouse or shirt to wear, we will provide you with a name badge to show you are official.  

The booth consists of a popup, astro-turf rugs, covered tables & the display racks. . Around the popup we hang green walls.

All sales go towards getting us to & from festivals with our mobile museum.

The current schedule can be found on Our Journeys page. 

For the shows in Natomas, setup is at 8:30am. For Rio Linda Country Fair, setup is 7am. 

We are adding shows as we find ones that will work for us. 

Contact us on Facebook! 

Facebook: Bradley The Ent