Dirty Pour Paintings

The artistic side has come through & been inspired to start making acrylic paintings using the dirty pour method. 

Due to the nature of how each one is created, each one is unique. No piece can be duplicated. 

When starting to a painting, only the colors chosen are what is currently inspired to use. No idea or image comes to mind prior to starting, no preconceived notions of what the desired outcome will be.  It is an organic process. As the paint begins to flow, the artistic mind starts to see what is developing and then works to manipulate the medium in the directions needed to create the individual piece.  Some pieces the moment calls for developing cells in the piece, other pieces the desire is not to produce any cells to let the acrylics stand alone.  Using a few different tools, I manipulate the medium in different ways for a variety of desired enhancements to the piece.  

When creating these pieces of art, there are pieces that are created together within the same mix of colors that may appear to be connected with each other though that is not the initial intent. 

As such, there are different collections or themes among the pieces. 


We hope you enjoy viewing the collections  & we hope to see you at one of the events we will be attending to pick up your own unique piece of art for a donation.