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We really appreciate all your support so we can continue our mission of providing important hands-on education!!!

Education in natural sciences has greatly diminished over the years in public education.  For those not as familiar with natural sciences, they are not as easy to include in home school curriculum.

Our patriarch has over 20 years of experience as a volunteer educator in science, winning awards including Educational Leader of the Year. He has additional experience as a youth coach, counselor & private tutor. 

Having the additional support from a highly knowledgeable science educator with almost 40 years experience to rely upon when developing new activities to ensure the content & concepts are accurate within the STEM guidelines solidifies the educational value that we present. 

You can easily donate any amount you would like to our PayPal account, though we are not yet a 501(c) organization and donations are not tax deductible.

Please help us continue our mission of bringing fun educational activities to festivals & faires!

We rely on tips & donations to travel to events, maintain our current collection and the ability to add additional content. We update our gear when available & try to add new items to keep things fresh when we visit an event again. 

Our focus & mission is to provide fun educational activities that visitors don’t realize they are actually learning.

Our current areas include ecology, entomology, mythology, natural science, with a bit of math, problem solving & physics as well.

We are looking to add a chemistry component for demonstrations, including turning ‘wine’ into water

We appreciate any assistance you can give!!!