With the beginning of the new year,

it’s time for a little reflection.

Kaotic Mythicals was started in 2009 combining a passion for education and a love of Renaissance Faires.
Our founder has been educating for over 40 years, 21 of those years has been in science education.& been going to and participating in Renaissance Faires well over 30 years.
Combining the 2 together seemed to be a great pairing.
We started out with just 5 pelts and a mounted badger, we still have them.
Looking at the collection now, we have pelts or fur pieces representing over 80 species from around the world plus over 70 skulls.
Add to that the animal skeletons & the mounted specimens, makes for a somewhat impressive collection.
We were able to get 130 species displayed in one place at the same time though still had specimens I could not fit in the space.
With the new CA law going into effect on January 1st that was signed into law in 2019, we will no longer be able to acquire any new pelts, unless they are simply donated.
So the collection of real animal pelts and fur pieces will be what it is.
We fortunately have been able to acquire the species we’ve been really wanting to add to the collection.
There are only a few species remaining that would be nice to add, if fate is willing to make that happen.
We can add more skulls to the collection as the new law only is for furs so going forward that will be most likely the focus.
To add the skulls that go with the pelts already on hand and match up with the track casts to expand the trifecta of having pelt, skull & track of the same species.
Speaking of track casts, there are a few more track molds on the list that we would like to add to enhance Track Match.
We like to add new specimens when possible to bring new pieces to shows that we return to so it stays fresh and not the same displays that have been seen time and again.
With different shows we go to, we try to bring specimens that are more fitting for that show and mix things up a bit.
For Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball, always try to bring the Flying Fox.
For Shannon McCabe’s Mardi Gras, always try to bring the Caiman.
For The Age of Rust & Fire, try to bring out more skeletons for the post apocalyptic theme.
For Shasta Renaissance & Fantasy Faire, try to bring some new specimens, some of the larger pieces and add to the Escape Room challenges.
Now we are doing Lodi Zombie Walk & potential other similar events, the focus is on the skulls.
The first encampment was a pole put together farmer’s market booth as a static display vignette, which got upgraded to a popup.
Now we still use pop-ups and carports though all covered with tapestries that were sewn together, matching tables covered with fitted tablecloths instead of whatever fabric could be found thrifting.
With the forest tapestries hanging around the back to create a feel of stepping into the forest has added a nice feel.
Both the encampment and the collections have come a long way since 2009.
There is still a bit more enhancements we would like to do as funds are available.
For Kaotic Mythicals to bring nature science education out to Faires, festivals, special events & schools, we have relied on gift shop sales, tips and donations to keep things going.
As you take time this holiday & end of the year to reflect on your journeys, joys and blessings, if you are able to help keep Kaotic Mythicals going with a donation, we would greatly appreciate it!
Kaotic Mythicals is not yet a 501(c)3 so donations are not tax-deductible, unfortunately.
Any amount will help towards keeping up the website, maintaining the collections, and possibly adding a few new pieces to expand the educational programming.
We have been blessed with generous kindness over the years and hope to be able to continue the mission of providing hands-on nature science education for all ages.

Thank you in advance for sharing this out and for any donations you are able to give this holiday season!