Games We Play


Visitors of all ages can obtain their mythical fairy or elf name with the help of a little fairy magic. We ask for a minimal $1 donation, you can walk away proudly displaying your new mythical name. We have the family friendly version & we have an “after dark” adult version. This is our main activity that we have at every event. This helps us cover basic operational expenses. We emphasize math with this activity as we have the visitors add up the total of both dice for their 2 rolls. 


We prove how magical mythicals truly are by reading minds. With our gifted knowledge, we are able to figure out what number you are thinking and “read your mind” with our magic cards. With this activity we emphasize logic & problem solving with the visitors trying to figure out how we were able to guess their number. Most overthink how simple it truly is. 


Ever wonder what a bug would like magnified? You can create your very own magnified art rubbing of a tarantula, honey bee, cockroach, centipede, scorpion, ladybug or butterfly & more. This activity emphasizes natural science with data collection. Before we had magical soul capturing devices (cell phones & cameras), in order to “capture” an image of a specimen, field researchers would sketch or do a rubbing to bring back to with them to further study. It is an ancient form of data collection that is almost forgotten. We introduce visitors to this “old school” technique.


Being creatures of the forest ourselves, we are friends with all kinds of creatures. Here you can see Francis the Badger,  and get to feel a variety of exotic animal furs from across the globe including North America, South America, Africa, Australia, & Asia We have created a game to introduce visitors to the various animals. It is called “Guess The Skin”. We have a board with pictures of most of the animals in the collection for visitors to match up the fur to the animal. The pictures also help visitors identify the animals. If they need further assistance we give clues about the animal of where they are found, behavior, predators & prey. This activity emphasizes natural history. Identifying animal furs is a learned skill that is almost lost. It is natural science. In addition, we hope to help reconnect visitors with the animal world around us. Additionally we hope to inspire visitors to conserve & protect wild animals so future generations will be able to see them in the wild instead of being extinct. 


We have a collection of real animal track replicas for visitors to see, feel & touch. We have created a game activity where visitors try to match up pictures of the animals with their tracks. 


This is a 3 part learning experience. 1) An opportunity to see a collection of real bird nests & try to match the pictures of the birds with their nests. 2) Try to identify which type of tree the tree cookie came from. 3) See what happens to wood from insects, beaver and fossilization. 


Our “Escape Room” is themed around nature & mythical characters. The goal is to release the fairy that has been trapped inside the cable. There is no time limit as the fairy needs to be rescued. The puzzles test sense of smell, natural history, ecology & mythology.  

Other activities that we have available:


By spinning the wheel, determines which challenge the visitor will face. A second spin determines how easy or difficult the challenge will be. We can either simply choose at random which specimens the visitor must identify or add another element of chance with the visitor blindly selecting numbered tokens from a pouch to let fate choose. 


A space for meditation though our “Weeping Willow” pattern is done a bit differently with one direction from start to finish instead of the traditional pattern of the way in is the way out. Our labyrinth is hand done laying out around 400 feet of hand-braided fabric rope. For an added twist to help younger ones stay focused, we have them hold a ball between their knees through the labyrinth. If the ball is dropped then must start over from the beginning. This emphasizes focus, patience and body coordination. 


Our Scavenger Hunt encourages families to explore the faire/festival together. Families go around looking for 6 small KM flags that are on display at vendor booths or guild yards. Upon finding one of the KM flags, you earn a stamp by learning something or doing something to entertain the keeper of the stamp. The stamps show the life cycle of 2 different insects. Upon earning all 6 stamps, then you must seek where you can rub a bug and do a rubbing on the back of your sheet. Presenting your completed scavenger hunt sheet to a member of Kaotic Mythicals earns you a reward. In order to earn the stamps and the reward, children must be accompanied by an adult. 


The physical game of Hunker Hauser with a twist. One box is purple representing the Fairies and the other box is green representing the Elves. Many see it simply as a game of tug-of-war though it is much more than that.  This is a game of physics, skill & strategy. Tricks to winning are turning sideways on the box to anchor yourself more and to bend the knees to lower your center of gravity. A tall stiff tree is easier to pull over than a nimble rock. The idea is to keep both of your feet on your box while getting your opponent to step off theirs. 


Based on an older popular game, 2 players hide animals on their boards. Each player takes turns calling out coordinates trying to find where the animals are hiding.  


Find out which Celtic explorer (aka pirate) you are. Learn a little history and draw their path on the map. We have 6 different Celtic explorers to randomly select a scroll. We ask for a nominal $1 donation for this activity per scroll. 


Before making a magical fairy wish, one must earn one by ringing in some good cheer. We catch a cheer by playing old fashion ring toss on glass bottles.


After catching some cheer by playing ring toss, the magic wishing stone needs to be filled with your wish and ensure that it glows with your wish inside before taking it over to the wishing pond and tossing in your wish.


An alternative to MAKE-A-WISH, is we have an activity based on the elementary school carnival game however our Frog will be fed the magic wishing stone and in turn will give you a jumping frog to take home.