Earn Your Wings

Are you interested in being a part of our magickal fun troupe of volunteer educators? 

Do you like to dress up & have fun?

Are you good working with children of all ages (including adults)?

Do you like to glamp (camping with a bit of comforts from home)? If you have had the privilege of seeing the back space of our encampments, especially the setup that the troupe leader brings, you will understand why we say glamping instead of camping.

All of our activities are easy to learn, we even have cheat sheets to help guide you through most of the activities. 

To become a part of our amazingly talented troupe here are a few things that you need to do:  

  • Volunteer for at least 2 events covering your own way with transportation, food, drink, garb, lodging, etc.
  • Newbie fee of $5 per weekend will be required for each event prior to earning your “wings”.
  • Assist with set-up &/or breakdown.
  • Be on-time & ready to go.
  • Follow instructions provided by Guild Master or members of the troupe.
  • Wear proper pre-approved garb during Faire hours which should be made from primarily natural fabrics & should be weather appropriate. 
  • Engage visitors & actively participate in our edutainment.
  • Learn how to play “Roll The Stones”, “Petting Zoo” and other activities in public encampment & successfully run them.
  • Learn about our characters & be able to speak for non-speaking characters during walkabouts.
  • Work in public encampment in shifts & troupe out with our talented characters.
  • Be upstanding, polite, energetic and friendly to all you encounter.
  • No smoking in public view at Faire at any time. Smoking is only permitted behind-the-scenes in designated areas.
  • No drinking of alcohol during open Faire will be permitted. Drinking after hours is allowed within limits. Drunkenness will not be tolerated.  You vomit, you’re out.
  • No illegal drugs are allowed on Faire sites. Under the influence of any illegal drug(s) during Faire or after hours will not be tolerated. NO intoxication or under the influence of any substance that is federally illegal. 
  • Undergarments including underwear with kilts must be worn during open Faire hours. 
  • Be respectful & represent yourself, the troupe, Guild Master,  Producers, & the Faire in best positive way. Any behavior that you think is out of the sight of the troupe is seen by someone that knows us & they will report any behavior that is deemed inappropriate to the troupe. 
  • Any violations of these rules, any behavior that is deemed inappropriate, any violations of Faire rules, or any behavior that is determined to be not acceptable may be grounds for your wristband to be cut & asked to leave the grounds immediately. It is unfortunate that wristbands have been cut before & have no issues cutting a wristband in the future. 
  • Kaotic Mythicals does not discriminate based on age, sex,  national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation (straights are welcome too), sexual identity, experience level, income, employment status, type of vehicle you own, social status, or your political views.
  • We do require 18+, preferably 21+, unless parent or legal guardian is onsite & part of the troupe. Minors must have a responsible family member with custodial rights having full responsibility that is a member of the troupe or a legal guardian with signed court approved documentation that is a member of the troupe. If you wish to bring a minor with you, you must have full legal guardianship by blood or legal documentation and be fully responsible for the minor at all times while on-site of the event.