Our Humble Beginnings

Before forming Kaotic Mythicals, Bradley TheEnt branched off from League of Robin Goodfellow who was seen at KVMR Celtic Music Festival protecting the labyrinth in Fairy Wood.

Bradley TheEnt traveled to faires & festivals all over Northern California as a one man show with multiple personalities.

Without a yard space in the faire, one of the characters would wander into faire, stroll around for a few hours than disappear, only to see another character back in the faire after only a short time. On occasion, he would be accompanied by Aurora on his journeys. 

Prior to the 3rd annual All Hallows Fantasy Faire, the producers had inquired about creating a fairy theme area. With the background & experience of putting together other themed events, plus asking for some help from League of Robin Goodfellow who had a magnificent yard in Fairy Wood at the music festival in Grass Valley, the first yard was created. 

It was pieced together though provided hands-on activities from the very beginning. The activities were a Petting Zoo with about 5-7 animals, Catch A Cheer & Wishing Pond. The wishing pond was a very small inflatable wading pool with burlap wrapped around it.  

The producers asked what the fairy themed area was called. So the most obvious answer was to borrow the name from KVMR Celtic Music Festival and call it “Bradley TheEnt’s Fairy Wood“. Though the producers were not sure if that would be acceptable being that the gay Ent has a wood so the name was changed to “Bradley TheEnt’s Fairy Land“.

Having a yard now required more than just one person to run the activities. Friends were asked including begging, borrowing & stealing to get enough people to run the activities. 

At the following Sonora Celtic Faire, the newly formed troupe was there with the Fairy Land. Someone asked what the name of the troupe was and the only answer at the time was “Bradley TheEnt’s Fairy Land“. On the drive back home, that question kept coming pondering and ideas were flowing.  A list of potential names were made and each one was searched to see if any references to anything popped up in the results. After several names were gone through being scratched out with something found on so many of them, the current name was finally settled on.   The choice of spelling Kaotic with a K instead of the usual chaotic was through the course of working on the name, the older style spelling came up in thesaurus results. 

The numbers of troupe members have gone through a bit of changes. At the largest, the gatelist for one event was 30 people. We are currently small in numbers again as we were once upon a time in the beginning. We are hoping to change that as we have some amazing festivals & faires lined up. 

The activities have grown adding new stations & improving along the way.  We hope to have all of the activities back once again at a future faire when we have the higher numbers to make an amazing yard.