With the help of live insects, including Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, we educate visitors about them & help them get over their fears. 

We fear what we do not know. We also fear because that is what we have been taught.

By educating visitors about how cool creepy crawlies actually are, they learn to appreciate them more & reduce their fears.

With rubbing plates of over-sized insects and other creepy crawlies, visitors can get a safe up close look at them & take home a souvenir.

We encourage visitors to pet the Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches & even hold them.

What you feel is hard & smooth because they have an exoskeleton, their bones are on the outside.

There are no wings, they cannot fly.

They don’t have teeth, they cannot bite. They scrape their food. They will spit to soften the food if too hard, then they simply scrape the food.

Oh, and see all those barbs on their legs. They can climb virtually any surface, even glass.  Yes, glass seems smooth to our eyes and our touch though it has tiny nooks & crannies that they can grip onto to climb.

They are actually cleaner than cats & dogs. These guys do not like being dirty at all and continually clean themselves. In fact, they are so clean to their own demise as most pest control companies will use a sticky powder that gets on them when they walk through it which they ingest when cleaning.