Appearance Bookings

We currently bring the magic to various venues within Northern California.

Our appearance at an event helps to increase visitors and enhances their experience with a touch of fairy magic with our edutainment.

Our Fairy Garden is a children’s activity area for children of all ages with hand-on activities that are also educational. 

Kaotic Mythicals is based in Sacramento, CA.   We are willing to travel within a 2 hour radius from Sacramento for a weekend. Additional distance requires full fuel compensation for our troupe members to travel beyond the 2 hour radius. 

Our base appearance fee is $200, for any appearance within 1 hour radius of Sacramento.  For any distance within the drive time of 1 hour, we charge the complete mileage of $0.99 per mile, roundtrip, based on Google Maps from our base location to the event site.  Any additional drive time beyond one hour, we charge an additional rate of $60 per hour or portion thereof. 

For a 1-day event, our fee is $200 for our mobile museum with a 10×10 pop-up, with any of our collections or activities that will fit within the space. We can add an additional 10×10 with activities for an additional fee of $100.  Our standard mobile museum setup in a 10×10 pop-up is Track Match, Bone Zone & Pelt Zoo with Live Bugs as well. 

For a 2- day weekend event our base fee is $200, with allowance for camping on-site within our structures for security. 

To get our complete setup,  space requirement within the event is 30′ frontage x 20′ deep for our full encampment, which includes our private back area for overnight camping. 

We also require the ability to sell merchandise from within our encampment & collect tips for additional compensation. 

 Within our encampment: 

  • Roll The Stones = For a $1 offering, the fate of the Fae will tell us your mythical name.
  • Pelt Zoo = Play our game of ‘Guess The Skin’ with a collection of different real animal furs & pelts.
  • Rub-A-Bug = Explore the art of scientific data collection with over-sized insect plates.
  • Live Bugs = Discover the wonderful things about live insects.
  • Escape Room = Can you solve the nature puzzles to help the fairy escape?
  • Mythical Mind = Our Mythicals will read your mind of the number you are thinking of.
  • Bone Zone = Compare the teeth of different animal skulls to determine what they eat.
  • Track Match = See how good of a nature detective you are to figure out what animal left the tracks.

Additional Activities available:

  • Catch-A-Cheer = Try your skill of ringing in a cheer.
  • Story Time = Story readings with felt enhancements (limited availability) 
  • Labyrinth/Maze = Carefully maneuver the ball through the labyrinth/maze (space requirement)
  • Water to Wine = Is it magic or chemistry?
  • Fairy vs Elf = Our version of Hunker Hauser
  • Eco Station = collection of real bird nests, tree cookies and specimens of trees damaged by different things