Some common Fae terminology:


Fairy (AKA Fae):  a type of mythical being, or form of spirit, often described as supernatural or preternatural.


Elf: A supernatural being of human-like form, known to be stewards and caretakers of the woods and forests.


Sidhe (Aos Si): These human-like supernatural beings are the ruling elite of the Fae people.


Seelie Court (The Fae Court of Light): Fairies of light and nature, known to be happy and helpful to humans.


Unseelie Court (The Fae Court of Darkness): Fairies of darkness and Ice, known to be mischievous, and cruel to humans.


Merfolk: A race of supernatural beings that are part fish from the waist down, and part human from the waist.


Satyr: A race of Fae that is half man from the waist up and half goat from the waist down.


Banshee: A spirit who heralded the coming death of a human known to be important, loved, or respected by the Fae.


Rock Golem: A being comprised entirely of rocks that was brought to life by magic, to either protect or guard over nature or secret places of the Fairy in the mountains or desert lands.


Goblin: Small, hideous, and mischievous creatures of Fae who often play pranks or steal from humans


Fairy Ring: A ring of natural plants (such as flowers or mushrooms) or burns in the ground where Creatures of Fae were dancing.


Treefolk: Creatures who look like giant trees, that protect and cultivate the forests and woodlands.


Dryads: Elves who have bound themselves to a tree in order to further link themselves to Mother Nature


Fairy Parade: Often times a Sidhe (shee) accompanied by fairies, and elves, wondering through the forests playing music to lead humans back to land of Fae.


Selkie: Supernatural beings that took the shape of a seal in the water, but where human on land