Join Us

Kaotic Mythicals is looking for outgoing fun individuals to help us with our mission to provide fun hands-on educational activities using our museum quality specimens! 

We are a mobile museum with skulls, furs, skeletons & taxidermy!

With over 40 years of experience as an award winning educator, all of the engagements have been developed, created or modified to stimulate and excite in natural history with the hopes of inspiring future generations to participate in nature conservation. 

Our activities engage, entertain & educate! 

– Track Match is having visitors try to match up pictures of animals to the track casts on the table. They all have key codes for verifying if they are correct.

– Mythical Mind requires the ability to add up to 6 numbers quickly in your head to read their mind.

– Bone Zone is having visitors explore skulls of a variety of animals to figure out what type of vore they are. 

– Pelt Zoo lets visitors discover pelts of animals from around the world, using only the back of their hands to feel them.

– Rub-A-Bug is intended for younger visitors to make a rubbing of oversized bugs. 

– Live Bugs lets visitors learn how important bugs help our ecosystem.

– Fairy vs. Elf is a physical challenge though it is more about physics than strength. 

– Escape Room tests a group of visitors with nature based challenges using their sense of smell & touch with problem solving.

We camp onsite within our encampment at festivals & faires, though more of glamping than rough camping. 

Food is taken care of as we cook behind the scenes with meals provided for breakfast, lunch & dinner.  Everyone brings snacks to share. 

Garb (costume) is available to borrow with advanced notice if you don’t have your own yet. 

Sleeping space is provided within our large encampment. All you need is a sleeping bag, pad & pillow, plus your overnight bag.

The activities are easy to learn, cheat sheets provided, and so much fun to engage the visitors.

No science or educational background is needed. Learning the activities is simple & quick.

We do require a minimum of 4 hours per day engaging patrons at the event to earn your free entry.

Our next event big faire that we are looking for additional help with will be Memorial Weekend, May 25-26 in Anderson at Shasta Renaissance & Fantasy Faire. We will be setting up our 600 square feet encampment. All participants of the event must fill out a waiver online before the event. The deadline to sign-up is April 26th. 


Contact us via Facebook or email for further details & to sign-up!