Lake Ren Fest – Lower Lake Fire

We are deeply saddened by the devastating fire that blazed through the small town of Lower Lake. The loss of the magical & beautiful setting of Terrill Cellars Tuscan Village terrill cellars entranceterrill cellars before firewas, as the home of Lake Ren Fest for the last 8 years, extremely heart breaking. 


They did a fundraiser last October for the fire victims of the last fires that swept through around them. Tuscan Village was a part of the community that gave back to those that lost so much in the previous fires. 


Now it is our turn to help give back to help them. 


On the site were 3 homes, sandwich shop, used book store, tasting room, and a beautiful little chapel with an organ among other buildings as well that are just piles of ash. 

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To see a video of the remains of the winery, click here.



For the last 8 years every Memorial Weekend, the site has hosted Lake Renaissance Festival


With only given about 10 minutes to grab what they could and escape the flames, Tom & Lisa Wilsey who run the festival and so much more, evacuated leaving a lifetime of memories behind. 


If you have the means available to help, please visit Tom & Lisa’s GoFundMe campaign to help them with the loss. 


We hope that from the ashes, the Tuscan Village will rise again and be home to Lake Ren Fest and so many other festivals once again.