Our Mascot

We have this owl at every event since we got him as our good luck charm & mascot. 

Owl statue


Our founder has been working with & training animals from a very early age. He has developed bonds & trained hamsters, dogs, cats, horses, a porcupine & an owl. 


Owls can be traced back in history to the age of the dinosaurs and have been found in early cave drawings. 

Being primarily nocturnal hunters (except for the Burrowing Owl & a few others), they have an extra layer of down on their wings that gives them stealth flight and their reflective eyes allows them to see at night though they do not have good distance vision. Owls hunt by sound as their ears are offset (one is higher than the other) which gives them the ability to locate where a sound is coming from. 

Owls range in size from the smallest being Elf Owl weighing in at 1.5 ounces found in the deserts of Arizona & California to the largest being the EuroAsian Eagle Owl weighing in around 10 pounds. 

In the Northern California region where Kaotic Mythcials calls home, there are Western Screech Owls, Burrowing Owls, Northern Saw-whet Owls, Barn Owls, & Great Horned Owls. 


There is something magical about owls that we connect with “all knowing” creatures and are actually very connected with mythology from various cultures over many centuries. 


Native American – Owl is the totem for Sagittarius.


Mexico – Lechuza is a myth of a black witch that was turned into an owl due to her evil ways of whistling in the night and those that heard her whistle woke up with bruises the next day.