Quickdraw ~ Treefolk

Quickdraw is faster thinking & moving than most Treefolk. While trying to protect the trees in the forest, he discovered too many trees disappearing. He followed the trail of these cut down trees to the lumber mills and followed through with seeing so many trees being used for paper & building when there was plenty of wood already to use elsewhere, as long as it was recycled. He was very saddened to see so many good trees being killed for wasteful use. Quickdraw decided it was time to do something to help protect the precious trees from being destroyed and wasted. So, he set on a journey to visit villages & shires across the lands to try to educate humans on how to reduce, re-use and recycle the precious trees that were being cut down in an alarming rate. With more humans reducing their need for new trees to be killed, Quickdraw is saving one tree at a time.