Gwendddydd / Sylvari / Meaghan


Welsh, Name Meaning – “Fair Day” or “White Day”

Sister of Myrddin (Merlin), rumored to be twins.

Born 6th Century around 506 on the Isle of Avalon

Gifted with unusually long life – a trait she shares with her brother

Likes: The Forest, New Moons & Clear Starry Nights, Being Near The Water, Healing Stones, Embroidery, Dragons, Archery, The Ability to Help Heal Others, Laughter, Storytelling, Walking About The Realm

Favorite Color = Green

Dislikes: Loud Noises, Dragon Hunters, Those That Pray Upon The Weak, Forest Destruction, Gossip

Main Talents: The ability to morph, shape shifting & prophecy.

12734276_1215923731770109_7539127312046773263_nMorphing Characters: Sylvari, a She Maiden Forest Elf

1501452_1215922065103609_3999587048894131535_oMeaghan A simple peasant that enjoys archery