Our Back Encampment

We have some comfort in our back encampment.

We use 10×10 popups for our pavilions & back encampment. 

Bradley’s bed chamber is a tent that clips inside the frame of a popup, having a 10x10x7 tent. There is plenty of room in the tent with height clearance as well. It is similar to this one. 

Inside the tent is a raised double high queen air mattress with complete bedding: fitted sheet, flat sheet, blankets, & comforters. With additional comfort of carpeting inside, nightstand, side table & a heater. 


We hang canvas walls around the bed chambers to help insulate from the cold weather at night.  To help prevent heat loss from above, we put an additional cover over the top. 

There is enough room in the main bed chamber for an additional queen air mattress when needed. 

In front of the main bed chamber is another pop-up that is covered & wrapped to provide a front porch for lounging & hanging out after hours to stay warm. 

As space given provides, we add an additional pop-up to setup our kitchen with propane stove(s). 

Our back encampment setup at Kearney Park Renaissance Faire: