Packing for Faire

To  get everything to site for faire, takes a bit of work to figure out how to make everything fit in the vehicles & trailer. 

To show you how much gear it takes for the full Fairy Garden yard, here are some pics to show the fun we had packing for 2015 Sonora Celtic Faire: 

11051932_865129946861615_7171114050911435336_n 11045329_865129910194952_7256324265169877282_n 11050237_865129873528289_3164539428867043522_n 10462418_865129843528292_7367662447228472663_n 11043028_865129766861633_1393319542495183425_n 9490_865129743528302_6088952778347091435_n 10426214_865129716861638_3551465474640354065_n 11038689_865129680194975_6352130237296358300_n 11046952_865129643528312_1307994543986136494_n