Greetings to you that are home schooling during this time we are working to flatten the curve and reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

After being asked by parents at many events if we bring our activities into the classroom, the KM School Program was created. 

It is meant to be presented with PowerPoint in the classroom by one of our educators with real animal furs, live critters & props.  The PDF version includes pictures of the actual furs that we would be using in the classroom.  

If you have had the opportunity to frolic with Kaotic Mythicals at a festival, you know how much fun we have with Roll The Stones, Petting Zoo, Live Bugs, Rub-A-Bug, Escape Room, & Celtic Explorers. This program brings those activities into the classroom setting.

We can’t give away the magic of Mythical Mind in a classroom setting. 

To design a program to take what we bring to festivals into the classroom was a bit of a challenge.  Our fun educational activities were originally created to be hands-on with small groups. Transforming that to accommodate a larger group of 20-30+ students at once needed a few modifications.  Without one of our energetic live presenters, it might fall a bit flat. Though if you have been led through our activities in person, you should be able to re-create our enthusiasm.  

These activities have all been developed by an award winning educator. 

If you are seeing this, please respect all of the time, energy & effort taken to create this collection of educational activities. 

This by no means is to replace the amazing talent of our volunteer troupe that captures attention with the magik of the Fae and sneaks in education.   

The teacher would be given the option to have the students make their own cube ahead of time with a handout for them to print out prior to our arrival, have us bring enough dice for the class to get their Fae name or to skip that portion of the program. In the simple matter of time restraints, we do advise students make their cube prior to our arrival & give them to opportunity to express their own creativity. 

The program covers: 

  • Craft
  • Game
  • Natural History
  • Ecology
  • Mythology
  • Entomology
  • History

The PDF contains 150 pages. It is a rather large file packed with education. 

We hope you find this helpful during this downtime. 

We would happy to bring this into your student’s classroom after schools open once again. 

We also have a quiz for you to try that covers some of the similar things you will find in the full program. Please take our quiz as well.

Kaotic Mythicals Knowledge Mayhem

If you download the PDF, please do us a favor by giving us a donation as appreciation for our time & energy to bring this to you. We rely upon tips & donations to bring our fun educational style to you. 


KM School Program