2019 Sonora Celtic Faire

Overall it was a great time at Sonora Celtic Faire this year after getting through the horrid weather of setting up during heavy downpours of rain and a very muddy area with streams running through the encampment space.  

The heavy downpours managed to take out 2 of our 10×10 popups before faire opened Friday morning so the initial 30×10 space that was going to be for all of the activities got shrunk down to 10×10 with a mini version of Petting Zoo & Escape Room.  The rest of the space was not safe for patrons due to the heavy muddy conditions so to prevent potential injuries we did not use any other space and to keep what items were out from getting soaked or dropped into the mud. 

The families and school kids on Friday were great fun to edutain. The crowds we had on Saturday & Sunday were excited and enjoying themselves in our space. 


Thanks to Cesar Ramirez for taking some pics to document the event. 

Pics can be found on our Facebook page.