Kaotic Mythicals Special Engagement @ Explorit Science Center

For a limited special engagement, Kaotic Mythicals will be bringing our mobile museum to Explorit Science Center. 

Over 100 species from around the world will be represented! 

Real animal pelts, skulls, skeletons, & mounted specimens. 

Amphibians, Bats, Bears, Birds, Canids, Felines, Marsupials, Mustelids, Primates, Reptiles, Rodents & Ungulates

Admission is only $5 for adults and children over 2 years of age. 

This special exhibition is included with general admission to see Explorit Rocks!, an exhibit about rocks, fossils, and crystals.

When: December 10th & 11th, 10am – 2pm

Where: Explorit Science Center, 3141 5th Street, Davis, CA in Mace Ranch Park.