Have you played Wizards Unite or Pokemon Go?

Wizards Unite is the 3rd game created by Niantic. 

Pokemon Go is the 2nd game created by Niantic. 

Ingress was the 1st game created by Niantic. 

Niantic was created from a division at Google. Ingress was originally created to help motivate employees to get up & about. 

All 3 games have a layover on Google Maps & are virtual reality. 

What are portals in Ingress became stops & gyms in Pokemon Go which became inns, greenhouses & fortresses in Wizards Unite. 

The portals are points of interest which could be places of worship, art in public places, playgrounds, parks, libraries, memorial plaques and more. Portals are everywhere. 

Ingress has 2 factions:  Resistance & Enlightened.

The backstory of Ingress in short, alien matter is being spread around the world to control minds of the population by the Enlightened. The Resistance is fighting to stop the spread of alien matter to save the world. 

Agents (players) are “capturing the flag” by capturing the portals for their faction. After hacking portals to get keys, you link portals together. By linking 3 portals together you create a field. 

You get Action Points for capturing, linking & fielding. You also get Action Points for hacking enemy portals, destroying enemy control of portals, & more. 

Niantic chooses cities around the world to host huge cross faction anomalies (challenging competitions). 

Niantic has chosen Sacramento for the Umbra Anomaly which will be happening Saturday, October 12th in the downtown area. 

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Join the Resistance

This video uses the Redacted scanner that is going away with the new Prime Scanner.

If you have gotten this far and still have any questions, feel free to reach out to to answer those questions or to get help with learning the Prime scanner in the greater Sacramento area. We will help you to meet local agents in your area.