Enchanted Human – Viking / Gate Keeper / Pirate

The Viking
The Viking was far from home and alone. The Celts took him in and he had a home there for a while. In the Land of the Celts, The Viking made his first contact with the Leader of the Fae. The Leader of the Fae folk travels back and forth between human lands and the Other Realms. The Viking, always game to travel to foreign shores has also learned to travel between the planes. Always looking with at least one eye towards the horizon and the next adventure, The Viking, helps when he can, plays as often as possible, and journeys on when he must.


Gate Keeper
There are always portals to be crossed. The Gate Keeper is neither friend nor foe to those who seek to cross from one realm to the next. The Gate Keeper is both a scholar and a mercenary. Always seeking to learn what lies on either side of the gate, the Gate Keeper will seduce the passer-by to enter or keep the unwelcome from trespassing.


The Pirate
…Because drinking rum and wenching is fun. And are you gonna stop me….what other reasons do I need?