2016 Yule

Yule is a wonderful time of year to spread joy & happiness.


The yard is 4 different scenes:

– North Pole

– Candyland

– Santa’s Village 

– Forest


Unfortunately, there were some casualties when setting up the yard:

Airblown Snoman, Snowman Countdown Clock, Santa & Reindeer roasting marshmallows at the campfire airlblown


In addition, did not get a chance to repair lights on the critters. The plans are to make repairs as time allows. 


Hopefully can find some replacements and make a few changes to the setup. 


Here are the pics of the yard so far:

15284167_1315635201811085_3611877782993925825_n 15317790_1315635248477747_2639698734834352883_n 15317879_1315635185144420_677860178021445686_n 15327327_1315635681811037_2762852640703613657_n 15355638_1315635258477746_3655361226504976986_n 15380275_1315635228477749_1915866948317658911_n 15380700_1315635445144394_7373400203038694429_n 15390897_1315635251811080_5397077659248292113_n 15391215_1315635661811039_7704990110082483333_n 15401074_1315635585144380_8942164743774586912_n 15401090_1315635641811041_117137496031503193_n 15442129_1315635668477705_4939878381001625305_n 15492225_1315635245144414_2549266227352178293_n