2018 Feather Falls Renaissance Faire

At Feather Falls Renaissance Faire in Oroville, we started off with a great site on the Thursday prior. 

The truck & trailer were packed for a great faire, arrived on Thursday a day ahead of setup to get a jump on things.

We had set up our encampment for 10 popups. 

We started to get some wet weather later on Thursday. 

Friday morning I woke up not being able to step out of my bed chamber & the start of the destruction.

Which was even worse when I crawled out of the tent with multiple popups broken.  

As the rain continued to get heavier as the day went on into night, it only got worse. 

In the middle of the night, the troupe was woken to the final wave of destruction. 


Out of the 10 popups we thought only one was going to survive so it was lowered to prevent any further damage.  


A member of the troupe that had not yet left home was alerted to the destruction on Friday and he picked up 3 backup popups that were on sale & he picked up some new walls. The troupe did manage to use 2 of the backups to create a booth. The troupe works great as a team which this event put the troupe to some major challenges yet managed to pull through. Once the backup booth was created, one member got our main activity in place & setup, in full garb first thing in the morning and was ready when faire opened at 10am. Meanwhile the rest of the troupe was cleaning up the back area, hauling bales of hay to break up to spread over the muddy mess and digging out the other activities from the destructed popups to at least set up a few other activities. Unfortunately one of the backup popups had an issue with a leg bending so it was replaced by the remaining & last 3rd popup which did survive. 

It was not the grand setup that we are known for and it was not to the standards that the troupe leader prefers to have though it was a very quick setup to make sure that the show did go on for the troupe. Unfortunately with all of the destruction stress and things moving quickly all weekend as once we were opened the crowds were amazing with over 10,000 people to the free admission event, we forgot to take pictures of the finished setup or take our traditional group photo. We have found a few pics that have popped up (pun intended) on social media that we would like to share. Full credit to the photographers. 


The important part is that nobody was injured when the popups collapsed or blew off.  For that we are very fortunate & grateful. We survived the storm and still made a good presentation.  This is the first time we know of a Renaissance faire being done on Tribal Grounds and since it was the first year of the event most of the patrons had no clue of what was missing.  They still enjoyed themselves at our pavilion with Roll The Stones, Petting Zoo, Rub-A-Bug & Live Bugs. We didn’t get Celtic Explorers, Mythical Mind or the Escape Room up due to the smaller space and quick redo of the setup. Next year they will be even more impressed when we have the full setup as originally planned and built which the destruction was hiding behind the redo pavilion. 

Sunday morning reflecting on the damage & how much it was going to take to replace all that was damaged, a GoFundMe campaign was created to hopefully raise the funds needed that we simply do not have to replace not only the troupe’s popups that were destroyed though also the troupe member’s personal popups & gear that was destroyed due to the weather as well. We hope that you will help by sharing our efforts and if you have the opportunity to contribute we greatly appreciate your support. 

We had a great jump start today on our efforts to continue bringing so much joy with hands on educational fun to visitors young & old to faire. Thank you to those who have already shared our campaign & a huge thanks to those who have already contributed. I have been doing faire for over 20 years. My edutainment troupe is over 9 years old. Kaotic Mythicals brings a unique experience to faires & festivals. The activities have been selected, modified & /or created to have an educational impact. We are often the unofficial children’s activities area at some events. We don’t just encourage imagination, we also inspire learning in math & science. Each activity we have as an educational element. With Roll The Stones is math, with Rub-A-Bug is natural science, our Petting Zoo is natural science, Mythical Mind is logic, Live Bugs is natural science, Celtic Explorers is geography & world history, our Escape Room is natural science, our Hunker Hauser is physics, and Hula Hoops is also physics. We bring science education to events under the guise of the Fae. Plus with our characters, we bring in mythology.

Please share our campaign with your friends. If you can contribute a little it is appreciated. If you can contribute more it is greatly appreciated.

KM GoFundMe Campaign

Thank you for supporting science education to children of all ages, including adults, at local events.