2016 Yurt Build


We are working hard to prepare for Sonora Celtic Faire!

There is a lot still to be done however we believe we have everything organized to make it happen.


Day 4 of the yurt construction ended with the completion of all of the staining of the khana, the 2 center rings built and stained and the start of building the khana for the main yurt.  Remaining is the remedial task of connecting all of the khana for both yurts and building the door frames. Once the 16’x16′ tarp arrives, we can get that covered with the fabric and the yurts will be ready. 


We had a successful day with the yurt build though we have a lot still to do. 

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For the yurts, today was a comedy of errors with 3 different tables saws. Between table saws not cooperating and then running out of gas for the generator to run the finally good working table saw, the amazing troupe got a good start on the lattice strips today & we got the stain for the wood. Day 2 hopefully will be much better.

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Day 2 was much more successful!

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For Sonora Celtic Faire, our new character, The Great Mother, will be giving special favors out to children that visit her. The favors are going to be seed paper bookmarks.  Today some of our wonderfully talented troupe members started the process of making seed paper. We will be having purple seed paper bookmarks with green ribbon & green seed paper bookmarks with purple ribbon. The purple seed paper was started today.

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Our troupe members are amazing! 

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Be sure to check back to see what we are up to.