Fairy Tamsen

12721996_935025953271063_1227142072_nFairy Tamsen


This delightful fairy is believed to have originated from the Finner sand-hills in the Wardtown district of Ballyshannon, located in Northern Ireland.

Fairy Tamsen is a river fairy . This fairy is said to appear when you make a wish and cast a stone at river’s edge , whilst repeating the words “I believe in fairies.”

This fairy loves all things “shiny” including stones, coins and keys. Tamsen is said to be especially fond of frolicking with children.This fairy is fun loving but she can become quite temperamental during the full moon.

If you happen to be missing your precious stones or keys , chances are she is the culprit.  Just close your eyes , make a wish asking her to bring them back. Most likely she will or she wont!!  You might want to increase your luck by leaving her an offering of “Shiny”!!


Tamsen name meaning: Fairy of the River